Sunday, November 2, 2008


Speed demons have something to cheer about.Honda have started to build real fast machines in the form of cars like the new accord 3.0 litre v6.The car is built for high performance.Just look at its specifications:
Engine displacement:3000cc
Max.power:221 bhp
Max.torque:276 Nm
With these figures,the accord becomes a tracer bullet on the road.The top speed...? well..road tests claim it to be nearer to 245kph.Thats enough to challenge an Audi or a Mercedes rite??.The economy is 9 kpl and the pricing is not bad at all at about Rs.18 lakhs.As for the equipments,there is a 6 cd changer ABS ,airbags and climate control.NOW FOR SOME ADRENALINE RUSH...


My experience driving the swift to kerala was exciting.We were five people in the car and the boot was full.Let me tell you that if you want to enjoy the full potential of this wonderfull car,then better drive alone.The performance of the car was blunted because the car was overloaded.The swift petrol comes with an enthusiastic 1.3 litre engine with 87 bhp of power.The torque is 113Nm(If you want big torque then buy the diesel swift which gives 190Nm of torque).Economy is fine on the highway returning close to 14kpl.The claimed top speed is 174kph.My personal top speed was 130kph.The car is stable at those speeds but after 130kph,the car is a little rattle prone.The equipment list is good for the top end variant like there is ABS,airbags and aaloys as standard.The interior plastics feel cheap but the bulid is solid.The light clutch and precise power steering make the ride more pleasurable.The boot is not very big but reasonably spacious.The price is aound Rs.5 lakh for the zxi variant.Swift is a pracrical choice and reliability is guaranteed .


Honda's popular model civic was launched to rival Toyota's top selling model corolla.The first thing that catches the buyers attention is the styling.The interiors look different from other cars in its segment.The dash of the car is the most impressive.It is futuristic and updated.Civic also sports an integrated digital speedometer which records speeds accurately.There is good legspace upfront and space at the rear is good for three people too-Ideal for long drives.The car has enough grunt for overtaking.The cool honda accelerates from 0-100kph in 9.9 seconds.There are two variants -auto and manual.The engine is a 1.8 litre unit with an output of 130 bhp.The top speed is 204 kph.Price can be a little steep at around Rs.12 lakh for the top end variant ,but it is worth the money.Safety features like EBD,ABS and airbags come standard .



The diesel revolution has already begun.This time around Hyundai has decided to take its diesel onslaught to its small car segment.Unbelievable ...?but true..!!.This news will bring cheers to all first time buyers looking for a performance diesel hatchback.CRDi unit is aproven engine as we have seen it in other cars like the accent and embera.The performance will be superb as the engine is expected to produce about 75 bhp.The pricing will be around Rs.5 lakh.Launch date remains unconfirmed though.


Ford motor company has done a commendable job by introducing the new endeavour.Though the muscular looks remain,there has been significant changes in its engine.The big ford now boasts of a 3000cc engine that pumps out an impressive 154 horses!!!.The torque is meaty too at 380Nm.The engine used here is the proven TDCi unit.The interiors are spacious as any SUV buyer would want it to be.There is usage of leather inside which makes the interiors plush.There is also a 6 cd changer and a LCD screen mounted to the roof.Off -roading abilities has improved for the car and so also is the performance due to the engine upgradation.Really recommended for long distance cruising.